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Kiosk Service request QMS-QBK 17

Kiosk Service request QMS-QBK17

Multiple languages, Multiple digitalized services, customer satisfaction, fit for many applications, improve user experience, customized Ticket, Queue priority call

Kiosk Service request QMS-QBK 17



Metal cabinet, Electrostatic Coating ,White / Gray Color


Model: Dell Intel® Core™ i5 -10100 Hard Disk: 256 4GB SSD (4-Core, 6MB Cache, 3.6GHz to 4.2GHz, 65W) Memory: 16GB, 2X8GB, DDR4 Graphic adaptor: Intel ® Integrated Graphics 260W Standard Power Connections: 8 External USB Type Display Port: 1 HDMI


Banks, hospitals, governmental offices, Traffic stations, personal affairs ….etc

Kiosk Service request QMS-QBK 17
Free for a limited time • Why Hub?

3x Faster


Sleek, modern, and built for almost any environment. The Kiosk continues QBEST mission to redefine ne self service. Rather than create a rigid solution, the QMS-QBK17 was meticulously engineered to be the most flexible solution Enjoy access to hundreds of existing confit gurations to make each Austin your own. Dress it up with custom graphics or keep it simple and elegant, the choice is yours. Its compact footprint and rugged security complement a variety of environments for companies that seek to improve ROI and user interaction in small spaces or high traffic areas.

Magic AI
Touch Screen 24 inch

Ticket Printer



Audio Amplifier

power supply

power switch

Fan Ventilation

Windows license

QBEST SW license

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