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queue system egypt

Queue Management Systems

Now you can keep the waiting rooms organized in your facility or clinic and gain customer satisfaction by reducing waiting time. Manage customer service staff with real time reports, and get to know your customers more with the best customer queuing system. features several systems, including two Online( Greater /Huge ) and Offline (First /Solo )
Queue management system in egypt


Order from one service until 120 service Or a maximum window, and the system works using QR, ticket unit, or kiosk unit, and it has the Arabic/English voice call feature.


The system is still working unlimited number From services and windows, the system works using the ticket unit, kiosk unit, or all together, and it has an Arabic/English voice call feature


The system is still working unlimited number Of the services and works using the ticket unit or the kiosk unit or all together and it has the feature of voice calling and the feature of pre-booking and evaluating services


It has all the features of Greater in addition to the virtual branches for customers and Video chats And monitoring reports for all branches online, in addition to implementing any features requested by the client

What is Queue Management Systems  QUEUE.BEST

Queue management system in egypt qbest

queue system egypt

What is a Queue Management Systems

Customer queuing system is one of the most preferred ways for companies to manage their queuing lines. The system allows customers to physically wait in line until they are called by a company representative.

the ingredients

Kiosk unit – ticket unit – control unit – employee screens – grouped screens – media display screens and numbering – operating programs including (server – report programs for one branch and grouped – evaluation programs – pre-booking programs – people counting programs)

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Works without cables

Easy to install and program, suitable for all crowded places

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modern programming

Programs run on computers or mobile phones online or offline

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The system can be adjusted

Special programming The system is implemented according to the customer’s request, and the system can be linked with any accounting or business program in institutions

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We offer multiple services. Be it healthcare, banking, retail or financial markets. At the local and Middle Eastern levels, we are proud of our continuous development for the convenience of our customers

Reduce customer waiting times, improve the waiting line, improve employee performance with customers waiting system

Customer Rating Systems is an advanced customer feedback solution that bridges the gap between your service standards and customers’ perceptions of them. Mastering, provisioning, standards of customer experience and implementing required changes, all in real time!

With the digital transformation that the world is witnessing from technological development, has had its imprint in the field of self-service kiosks to facilitate services for government and financial institutions, as well as restaurants, to make it easier for the public to wait in line.

After the pandemic crisis witnessed by the world because of the Corona virus and become better prevention of treatment until we find a cure , and the counting of persons system effective to reduce congestion and enter only the permitted number to any institution or shop or any sale center

Restaurant ordering screen systems facilitate the delivery of orders in restaurants to customers in dining halls in an easy and simple way to prevent overcrowding at the cashier counter

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